What Bugs Me About Blogging Case Studies

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Irritated SmileyAround the middle of December ‘09 I started collecting case studies and success stories related to blogging and social media.  I was looking for hard data and specifics on how using online media actually translates into sales revenue.

And I have to confess that a part of me wanted to show up my husband, who has always pooh-pooh’d the whole thing. “It seems to be a waste of time, and I don’t see how it makes money.”

Yes, he knows his adoring wife co-runs a blogging club, and enjoys playing with fire!   Read more

What is our Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog?

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Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog

Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs may think that blogging is just one more chore to add to their marketing list. But actually blogging for your business can be fun and create results, as long as you know what you want from your blog and how to go about getting that.

After teaching over 20 blogging workshops in 2009, the year we launched the Breakfast Blogging Club, we (Cheryl Liquori and Beth Barany) have distilled our knowledge into a fun and useful (and free) Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog. Read more

2010 Blogging Plan: Part 5 of 5

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Wow! We’ve done a lot so far for our 2010 Blogging Plan and now we’re in the home stretch.  Before we conclude our efforts with the final stage of the plan, let’s recap the previous 4 steps:

Step 1:  Business Goals – those specific, motivating, actionable, relevant and time-bound goals for your business.  Seeing how your blog supports your business goals will make it easier to maintain a blog.

Step 2:  Positioning Your Blog – being clear on WHO you’re writing for will help you create content that people will benefit from and want to read. Read more

2010 Blogging Plan: Part 4 of 5

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So far we’ve covered the first three steps of a 2010 Blogging Plan. Those steps included:

Business Goals
Positioning Your Blog

writing contentStep 4 is the Content Plan for your blog.  This is where you plan what you’ll write about and what kinds of posts you can incorporate into your blog.  This may seem too structured for some.  But what we’ve found is that it helps to have a set schedule that guides your efforts.  Once you’ve got some momentum and experience, it’s easier to deviate and start improvising. Read more

2010 Blogging Plan: Part 3 of 5

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The first step of the 2010 Blogging Plan was determining your Business Goals so you can clearly see how a blog fits into the big picture.  The second step was to clarify the Positioning of your blog so it’s easier to direct content and promote.

The third step of your 2010 Blogging Plan involves Engagement. Read more

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