Flickr post by Goddess_Spiral

Flickr post by Goddess_Spiral

While meandering down the blogging path, we’ve come across various websites and blogs that have been extremely helpful, fun, and valuable to our own learning.  This list is NOT comprehensive – not by a longshot!  And we’ll add to it as we come across new and interesting stuff.  But for now, here’s what we want our fellow Breakfast Bloggers to know about.

Bloggers We Love:  Beth’s Picks

Entrepreneur The Arts Blog Why?  Because it’s quirky & eclectic, and advocates entrepreneurship for artists. Yes! No more starving artists!

Learn To Write Fiction Why?  Because it’s fun, succinct and very useful for writers wanting to write fiction.

Eric Maisel’s Creativity Central Why?  Because this blog, sponsored by Eric Maisel, an expert in creativity coaching, gives a diverse perspective on creativity from creativity coaches of all types around the world.

Writer’s Fun Zone Why?  Who knows?! 🙂 That was Cheryl being cheeky. Beth here: that’s my blog, where I play and have fun with writing by offering tips, tricks, techniques, and awesome resources from out there in the world. Why write unless it’s fun! Why? Okay, it’s not a traditional blog, but a form of micro blogging. I love it because it’s fun, and it’s like reading hundreds of tasty posts from fascinating people all over the world.

Bloggers We Love:  Cheryl’s Picks

The Art of Non-Conformity Why? Because Chris Guillebeau is the most authentic writer on entrepreneurship, changing the world, and bitchin’ ways to travel the planet; plus, he’s a fantastic writer (long posts, but I read every word) and a great role model for blogging.  I’ve also considered adding Chris to my ‘Top 5 List’ – you’ll have to email me if you want to know who’s on it now.  Hint: Viggo is only #3

Chris Brogan Why? Because he’s professional, prolific, practical, productive, propitious, & thought-provoking.  Forgive him his bad headshot.

Chris Garrett Why? No, I do not have a “thing” for Chris-es in this world…but this blog happens to be smart, generous with information, and easy to read.  But another bloke who needs a better headshot.

Weebles Wobblog Why?  Because she’s a smart, sassy, free-range blogger who writes about all sorts of stuff — from infertility & adoption, to politics, spirituality, and motherhood.  And she occasionally does these kick-my-ass 70’s trivia contests that I will most likely never win!

Tiny Oranges Why?  Because it’s pretty and fun, and if you’re a mommy in the OC, it looks like a fun place to get the scoop.  Plus, I’m related to her.  Seriously!  I think we have the same great-grandparents. What is that, 2nd cousins or something?

Our Preferred Vendors

Peter J. Ferguson designed the Breakfast Blogging Club blog, and Beth Barany’s blog, the Writer’s Fun Zone.

Visions Virtual Assistance
Crystal Pina is the WordPress Doctor!

Sustainable Websites
These guys host Chery Liquori’s site, Off the Chart Marketing.

Other Useful Online Resources

And here are some other useful resources we encourage you to check out as you continue down your own blogging path…






Google Analytics Tool

Google Keyword Tool





Tactical Execution

Danny Brown: Social Media PR and Marketing for the Conversation Age

**Do you have favorite resources?  If so, let us know and we’ll add it to this page so fellow Breakfast Bloggers can benefit! Thanks!