What is our Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog?

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Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog

Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs may think that blogging is just one more chore to add to their marketing list. But actually blogging for your business can be fun and create results, as long as you know what you want from your blog and how to go about getting that.

After teaching over 20 blogging workshops in 2009, the year we launched the Breakfast Blogging Club, we (Cheryl Liquori and Beth Barany) have distilled our knowledge into a fun and useful (and free) Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog.

In 26 pages, we cover the basics – content-wise – you need to get started with your blog. We cover clarifying your purpose and knowing your target readership so you can get started writing relevant posts today. (For the tech issues of getting started on getting a blog up and running see our partners, Peter J. Ferguson at Prescribed Madness and Crystal Pina at Visions Virtual Assistance.)

Since both Cheryl and I are experienced teachers as well as bloggers (we have over 10 years of teaching and writing experience each), we lay out the steps for you in easy-to-follow instructions. We’ve also included lots of white space for you hands-on learners to print out the guide and write on it. (More about Cheryl Liquori and Beth Barany and the Breakfast Blogging Club here.)

Many bloggers come to us with the question of “What do I write about?” so we addressed that in our guide and have provided for you 15 blogging topics so you can get into action now. No need to wonder about what to write next. You have at least three months worth of topics write here, if you write one post a week. And each of these topics can generate multiple posts. We know you have enough content to keep you writing.

Our guide also answers the question of “How do I start?!” Boy, do we  understand that one! You start with short, timed writing. You know it will end soon, so you may as well write. When you sign up to get our Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog, you’ll also get some goodies. (Yum!)

  • 52 weeks (one email per week) of blogging topics, so you’ll always have something to write about. We cover the what, why, and how of each one so you can read the email and then get writing right away. We’re all about getting into action!
  • Surprise bonuses: audio, video, oh my! You’ll see! (It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now would it?)
  • Stay-in-touch emails about our upcoming events and important news. *We don’t spam you, promise, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

One of our participants, an experienced writer, just told us at the last workshop that he liked what we were doing. Essentially he said that we weren’t overly techie and we didn’t promise the moon. “You don’t overhype,” he said. “Right on!” we said. He liked that our information was accessible, usable, and immediately applicable. So do we! So if you’re ready to get support on writing for your blog, then sign up to get your free Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog today.


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  3. Miriam on Tue, 27th Apr 2010 7:57 pm
  4. How can I get a copy of the Quick Start Guide to Writing Your Blog?

  5. admin on Tue, 27th Apr 2010 8:06 pm
  6. Hi Miriam, Just fill out the fom at the bottom of this post, or use the form at the top right-hand column. Once you fill out the form with your first name and primary email, and double opt-in, an email will arrive with a link to download the guide. Let me know how it goes! On the last page of the guide is a link to our special Thank You video where Cheryl and I thank you and giggle. 🙂 Beth Barany, Co-Founder of the Breakfast Blogging Club

  7. Miriam on Wed, 28th Apr 2010 10:40 am
  8. I did what you suggested, received the email (at peimilan@yahoo.com), activated the “subscription”, but did not get the email with the download link.

  9. Miriam on Wed, 28th Apr 2010 10:41 am
  10. All that done, but no email with the download link!