Webifying Women MeetUp

Thank you for your interest in registering for

“Real Marketing by Real People”

Lunch & Learn Panel Discussion, Friday, May 14th, 11:30am-1pm

Ever wondered how other entrepreneurs use social media to market their business?  Wouldn’t you just LOVE to ask questions of real business women to find out the reality of using social networks and online media to promote their products and services.

Did they have a plan?  Or did they just wing it?  Would you like to hear about what worked and what didn’t?

Here’s your chance to get your questions answered…

Webifying Women Members, it’s a privilege to present our panel of 3 accomplished women entrepreneurs: one sells products via her website, one offers book coaching and publishing consulting, and the other is involved on one of the most conservative and highly regulated industries out there – insurance.

Meet our Panelists:

Judi TownsendJudi Townsend. Founder of Mannequin Madness, a unique niche in the recycling industry. She buys, sells and rents new and used mannequins. Having been in business for 9 years, Judi started blogging over a year ago and has also started using other social media tools as part of her online marketing mix.  Come and find out what her biggest lesson has been.

Beth BaranyBeth Barany. Book Coach, Publishing Expert and Blogger. Find out how Beth engages with the online communities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to sell books, attract people to her events, and get leads for speaking engagements. www.BethBarany.com

Ruth StroupRuth Stroup.  Ruth has successfully grown her Farmers Insurance Agency over the past 4 years through a myriad of different strategies — to different degrees of success. Always open to new ideas, she has been using social media as a marketing tool for the past year and looks forward to sharing her experiences with you.

We’re thrilled to be hosted by the Keller Graduate School of Management, conveniently located in the City Center in downtown Oakland.  The meeting is from 11:30am ~ 1:00pm, so feel free to bring your lunch.  Refreshments will be provided.  The cost to attend is $5.  That is the MeetUp fee, and is not associated with Keller.

Parking:  street parking is for 2 hours – if you can find it.  There’s also parking under the City Center and Keller can validate after 90 minutes, so there is a charge.  Better check the website. And finally, there’s also a parking garage on the corner of Clay and 14th.

BART is also nearby.  Yeah!  Finally a Webify event that’s close to BART!