The Blog Title Game

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Blog TitlesOver the years we’ve come across a lot of resources, and have collected a lot of tips and tricks on how to create a killer blog title, or headline. (Why do they always use the word ‘killer’? Isn’t there a word that’s equally impactful that doesn’t imply death and destruction?! It’s probably one of those “trigger words” I’ve come across. But that’s a topic for another blog post. End rant.)

We’ve covered this topic more than a few times in the 40+ Breakfast Blogging Club meetings we’ve held. And it’s always a hit.

Why? Because we make it fun and easy to learn, and to do ~ which should be our mantra.

Below is a list of 19 different kinds of blog post titles and what they’re designed to do. There’s also an example of each to help model your own.

If you want to go for a few giggles, try doing this in a small group and challenge each other to make up titles that would be appropriate for a post you might write.  Copy and paste into a document. Print it out. Cut up the paper so each of the 19 is on a separate strip. Fold up the strips and put into a hat. Pass the hat around. As each person picks one piece of folded paper, they read what the title is, the examples, and then the come up with their own.

Really spice it up by putting a time limit on coming up with a title. Hey, you can even make a drinking game out of it!

Carry on!

19 Blog Headline / Title Ideas

1.  The List post
example: 100 Ways To Beat Stress

2.  The How To post
example:  How To Write Better Tweets

3.  “Who Else Wants _______?”
example: Who Else Wants to Lose Weight and Feel Terrific?

4.  The Secret of _____
example:  The Secret Of Cheap Gourmet Travel

5.  Here Is A Method That Is Helping specific audience To result/benefit
example:  Here Is A Method That Is Helping Bloggers Become More Unique

6.  Little Known Ways To Get Rid Of problem Once And For All
example:  Little Known Ways To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt Once And For All

7.  Here’s A Quick Way To solve a problem
example:  Here’s A Quick Way To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

8.  do something Like world class example
example:  Conduct An Interview Like Katie Couric

9.  Have A / Build A _____ You Can Be Proud Of
example:  Build A Website Your Can Be Proud Of

10.  What Everyone Ought To Know About ______
example:  What Everyone Ought To Know About Hiring A Virtual Assistant

11.  Do You Make These __ Mistakes That _________?
example:  Do You Make These 10 Mistakes That Drive Customers Away?

12.  Ask an intriguing question
examples: What Are the 7 Secrets of Success?
Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Taxes?
Which Scheduling Software Will Boost Your Productivity?

13.  Authentic Testimonial (note the quotation marks)
examples: “This Is The Most Powerful Weight Loss Method I’ve Ever Tried!”
“These 2 Books Saved My Marriage!”

14.  Quiz people
examples: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
What Is Your Emotional IQ?  Take This Quiz And Find Out.
Does Your Relationship Pass The Intimacy Test?

15.  I & Me – needs to hold curiosity and benefit; balances with You
examples: I Finally Discovered The Secret To Easy Blogging
Every Time I Shake Someone’s Hand, I Get A New Client

16.  Use the word “Breakthrough”
examples: Ready To Breakthrough Your Home Office Clutter?
Wanted – Consultants Ready For Breakthrough Profits
Breakthrough Weight Loss Results In 3 Easy Steps

17.  Use the word “Wanted”
examples: Wanted – Motivated Entrepreneurs
Wanted – Stressed Out Moms
Wanted – Frustrated Professionals Looking To Change Jobs

18.  Make something “easy”
examples: Easy Ways To Make A Promotional Video
Plumbing Problems Cured Easily
Perfect Soufflé Made Easy

19.  Use “reasons” (combines well with List post)
examples: 3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk
7 Reasons To See Your Dentist Today
10 Reasons To Call Your Accountant


Disclaimer: these were gathered from multiple sources over a long period of time, and I’m afraid I can’t remember which ones, or point to a particular blog-about-blog resource. Maybe you could do a search on “How to Create Killer Blog Titles” and see what comes up.

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