It’s Exciting To Be In Business!

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I Did It!!

Think about when you completed a big project, or achieved an important goal, or accomplished something that required a lot of effort – perhaps you had to overcome challenges and fear.

It felt terrific, didn’t?

I recently finished a project that I had been thinking about for many months.  I kept putting it off and putting it off – stopped by fear and that perfectionist gremlin that hangs out in my head WAY too often.  You know what I’m talking about.  But by making a commitment and declaring it to my coach, I gave myself a deadline and proceeded to get it done.  WOW!  Accountability to someone else can do wonders, eh?

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15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

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timerBeth here. Hi! It’s 1:35pm and I sit in a warm cafe drinking tea and staring out the window. Okay, I’m not actually staring out the window. I’m writing this blog post and time is running out.

I’ve set the timer in my head (you can use the timer in your phone or your kitchen timer) and I am writing this post.

Why? To demonstrate that you too can write a first draft in fifteen minutes.

Yes, fifteen minutes can change your life. You can go from staring at the blank page to filling it with the minutae of your life. Or whatever you’d like to say.

Need ideas? I’m sure my colleague and marketing coach, Cheryl Liquori, will offer some great marketing ideas. To get you started, I would say, “Start with what you know.”

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Starting The Blogging Breakfast Club

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Hey, Cheryl here.

BBC imageWhile my lovely and talented colleague has written about some of the steps you can take to deal with the scary blank page, my role as one of your Breakfast Blogging Club servers is to provide some of the business & marketing aspects of blogging.

But first, a little background on how this venture got started.

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Business 101: Overcome Writer’s Block

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Hi Beth Barany, here,BBC gif

Blogs are a fun way to communicate in short bursts. Unlike a website, a blog is ever changing. Thus you can write as often as you want. Sometimes, though, you may be stopped by writer’s block or fear. I’m here to tell you can overcome writer’s block and you really, really need to.

You have your blog up, but now you’re faced with the prospect of populating it, of writing your posts. Ack! Writer’s block rears its scary head. What do you do now?

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