15 Minutes Can Change Your Life

January 16, 2009 by · 5 Comments
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timerBeth here. Hi! It’s 1:35pm and I sit in a warm cafe drinking tea and staring out the window. Okay, I’m not actually staring out the window. I’m writing this blog post and time is running out.

I’ve set the timer in my head (you can use the timer in your phone or your kitchen timer) and I am writing this post.

Why? To demonstrate that you too can write a first draft in fifteen minutes.

Yes, fifteen minutes can change your life. You can go from staring at the blank page to filling it with the minutae of your life. Or whatever you’d like to say.

Need ideas? I’m sure my colleague and marketing coach, Cheryl Liquori, will offer some great marketing ideas. To get you started, I would say, “Start with what you know.”

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