It’s Exciting To Be In Business!

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I Did It!!

Think about when you completed a big project, or achieved an important goal, or accomplished something that required a lot of effort – perhaps you had to overcome challenges and fear.

It felt terrific, didn’t?

I recently finished a project that I had been thinking about for many months.  I kept putting it off and putting it off – stopped by fear and that perfectionist gremlin that hangs out in my head WAY too often.  You know what I’m talking about.  But by making a commitment and declaring it to my coach, I gave myself a deadline and proceeded to get it done.  WOW!  Accountability to someone else can do wonders, eh?

What happened next was even better, because accomplishment fosters more energy and momentum.  And now I’m off on my next project.

I’m excited about what’s happening and what’s possible – for myself, for my clients and colleagues, for our country and the planet.  What makes a difference for me, and I want this for you, too, is to be able to share these moments with someone who is SUPER supportive and gets just as excited as you….well, maybe not quite as much, but excited nonetheless. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is their positive energy and acknowledgment.

If you think a little more about this, what does it tell you? Here’s my 2 3 cents…

  1. Surround yourself with the right people – folks who are positive, supportive, willing to listen and push you forward when you’re feeling discouraged.
  2. Ask yourself if YOU are being that person for someone else?  Think about it.  Check in with the relationships around you.
  3. Stay focused on completing what you set out to do. This is easier said than done in these internet-texting-instant message-twitter-blogging-email times. It’s a common lament among my clients and I help them put structures and systems in place that support their efforts step by step.  Find the support that works best for you.  Take a no-excuses approach.

What are you working on? When will you have it done, or at least ready for the next step? Who can you enroll in supporting your efforts and holding you accountable? Ask them.

I’m so excited!



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