Blogging Yoga

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Kitchen Chair Exercises

Do you sit a lot at the computer in a fixed position? Is most of your work down in email, blogs, and social media networks?

You may think that blogging is all about sitting in front of your computer and writing. But actually, blogging is about the pauses to take, the breaks, and the physical movements away from the computer. And if you just implement blogging yoga on a regular basis, then you’ll be able to integrate your knowledge better and  write more with less effort and more ease. Read more

How is a New Blog Like a ’66 Mustang?

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66 MustangI didn’t get my first car until I was 22.  I know, a total late-bloomer in the auto department!  I was starting graduate school in Phoenix, AZ and as a gift, my parents got me a sssuhweeeeet metallic blue 1966 Ford Mustang.  It was in great condition and I was immediately in love. Read more

Your Blogging Voice

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Tea, Writing, and NewspaperOur new member via, Trish Roque, posted this great comment: “Hi Beth, thanks for the greeting. My biggest blogging problem is finding the right blogging voice. I know that will only come from blogging a lot. Looking forward to spending more time with the breakfast bloggers!”

Trish, We look forward to spending more time with you too!

You’re right — time will help you sort out your blogging voice.

Voice is a combination of factors, primarily:

1. Who you are.
2. Who your audience is.
3. The result or experience you want to provide to your readers.

Breakfast bloggers, What do you think about your blogging voice?

Are You Dumb Enough To Blog?

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Frustrated_Getty Image“Why the hell am I doing this?”  “Does anyone read my posts?”  “It’s hard to make time time to write.”  “I don’t know what to write about.”  “What’s the ROI, anyway?!”

Danger.  Danger.  Danger.

Any of these questions and doubts show up for you?  The Breakfast Blogging Club usually meets twice a month in person.  Sometimes, it feels like a long time in between meetings.  During these long stretches, I often ponder, “Am I making a difference for anyone?”

Danger.  Danger. Read more

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