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Kitchen Chair Exercises

Do you sit a lot at the computer in a fixed position? Is most of your work down in email, blogs, and social media networks?

You may think that blogging is all about sitting in front of your computer and writing. But actually, blogging is about the pauses to take, the breaks, and the physical movements away from the computer. And if you just implement blogging yoga on a regular basis, then you’ll be able to integrate your knowledge better and  write more with less effort and more ease.

Yes, I’m talking about blogging yoga. (Coined by our very own, Cheryl Liquori, co-founder of the Breakfast Blogging Club.)

Studies have shown that physical movement aids the learning process.

In our Breakfast Blogging Club workshops, we take a pause from the writing and the learning, listening and speaking, to wiggle our shoulders, roll our wrists, and shake out our arms and backs.

When you’re at home, or at the cafe, working on your blog post, take a two minute break, and do one of these exercises in the nice lady’s video. Then you’ll come back to your writing refreshed, renewed, and ready to share your expertise with the world.


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