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burgerBlogging and cooking are a lot alike.

Both require a minimum of planning, the right ingredients, some time, and a state of emotional readiness, a desire to please, and an end goal of pleasure. Both also create a tangible end result that creates an experience for the audience.

What are the ingredients for a good blog?

  • Know who you’re cooking for? Who is your target audience?
  • Know what your end result will be. If you’re cooking an omelet, you need to know that at the start. If you’re writing a list of do’s and don’t’s you need to know that, too.
  • What experience or result to you want you readers, your audience, to have? Just like you want to offer a savory or maybe a sweet meal to you and your loved ones, you need to know what kind of flavor or emotional experience you want to offer your blog readers.


You get your ingredients out before you cook, right? Or at the very least you make sure you have the ingredients in your refrigerator or cupboards. Same with blogging.

Before you start blogging, it’s very helpful to have:

  • your blog itself: the technology
  • a clear picture of audience, purpose, and flavor (emotional experience)
  • time set aside to write: In 20 minutes you can write a first draft!
  • a blogging schedule: knowing when you’ll post creates structure and accountability
  • a willingness and passion to express to your blog readers. I’ll leave that to you, though if you need support with this, check out the post on “Business 10: Overcome Writer’s Block.”

A word about Time.

So-and-so said, “It’s not about having time, it’s about making time.”

Time is about commitment. So I ask you, what are you committed to right now? If you say you want to blog, but don’t, you can blame it on procrastination. But actually, you’re committed to do something else. What is that thing? Do your actions line up with what you say you’re committed to? And if not, why not? Facing the truth here will go a long way to freeing up your energy to focus on what you really do want for your life.

By serving up delicious and nutritious meals to you and your loved ones, you show them that you care. By serving up tasty and substantive posts on your blog to your target audience that you love to serve, you show them that you care and that you’re here to provide a specific value to benefit their lives in a specific way.

May you dish up many delicious meals to your readership.

And, I’m curious: if you could define an emotional or taste flavor to the quality of your blog posts, what would it be?

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