What are you passionate about?

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What are you passionate about?

How do you express your passion for your work? A perfect blogging topic for all kinds of writers.

Passion drives us, whether we realize it or not, usually it’s a combination of our passion for our profession, and for helping others.

Why is this blogging topic important? Because your excitement and love will translate into your writing. Because your human touch will show through. And people like to do business with other people. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Help us get to know you.

In July’s workshop I had our blog members blog about their passion. But how do you get started on this topic? By making a list.

List all the ways you express your passion for your work. Here’s what some of our workshop attendees shared:

To start your list and brainstorm about your passions, complete these words and phrases:

I love…
I am passionate about…
I look forward to…
I provide/offer…

Go: Set a time for 3 minutes and list your ideas.

Mind mapping

Mind Map on Problem Solving Another way to brainstorm ideas is a right-brain
approach called mind mapping or spidering. Developed by Tony Buzan, and used by writing teachers every where, this technique can open up more creativity and spark ideas seemingly unrelated. Start by picking a topic from your listing exercise. Write it in the center of your blank sheet of paper.

Circle it.

For the first idea that comes to you, write it down off to one side of the center, circle it, and draw a line back to the central idea.

Continue writing down ideas that spark, circling them, and drawing that line back to the center circle.

A secondary idea can have offshoots off of the central idea, thus fleshing out your secondary idea.

Key: There is no wrong or right way to do this exercise. Just let your hand flow across the page.

Tip: If you have the doodling bug, draw pictures of your ideas, letting the visual brain have full rein.

Go: Set a time for 3 minutes and list your ideas. Write.

Now that you have filled your mind and heart with what makes you passionate about your work, choose one idea to write your post about.

You are a writer.

First Draft

This is a first draft. Write without judgment, and with curiosity and appreciation for what you know. Just what is in your mind? I want to know. So do your clients and prospects.

Tip: Use as an outline these three points:

What is your topic? Define it in clear jargon-free language.
Why is your topic important/relevant/useful?
How to implement your topic. Or, how have you implemented it?

Be sure to use an introduction with relevant key words, and a conclusion with a call to action you express your passion for your work. For a call to action, ask readers to comment, or visit your site, contact you, implement your suggestions.


Passion for our work fuels entrepreneurs and business owners. We are each uniquely placed to channel our passions into making our corner of the world a better place. I am eager to hear about your passions. Comment and let us know of your passionate post.

Happy Blogging!

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