Adding Images – The Reality!

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Breakfast Blogging Club June '09

Breakfast Blogging Club June '09

We recently had our 11th meeting of the Breakfast Blogging Club.  It was a full house, with 10 participants – and even an unexpected drop in! – made welcome by Beth.  Thankfully we were able to squeeze everyone in…barely!

It was a special ‘Tech Clinic’ (our second) with guest presenter, Lee Rodrigues from the Technology Dojo.  Lee spoke to us about embedding images – where to find them (stealing, buying, making, & “borrowing”), how to embed them in your blog post, and how to edit them so they’re optimized. Read more

Your Blog Post Checklist

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Blog Post Check List

Blog Post Check List

When you’re first learning how to blog, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the shear volume of information out there.

Numerous other blogs, websites, articles, teleclasses, videos, books, coaching and podcasts are readily available to help you get started, stay motivated and achieve your blogging goals ~ whatever they are.

But whenever I’m looking at the El Capitan of information for something I need to learn, I like to break things down into steps and routines so it’s easier for me to apply.  That way I have a convenient guide that helps me be successful, and I build competence and confidence to then go to the next level of learning. Read more