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photo courtesy of Carla Yashiro

photo courtesy of Carla Yashiro

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  – Woody Allen

If this truly is the case, then there’s about 25 women in the south bay who are destined for greatness, not to mention the two exceptionally engaging and smart gals at Gather Your Crowd.

Last Thursday, Beth and I had the honor of sharing the stage with Cherie De Carlo and Carla Yashiro at the Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area meeting in San Mateo.  Cherie and Carla specialize in helping small and medium sized business use social media tools to build their brand, get found online and engage meaningfully with their prospects, customers, partners and vendors.

Far from being a whitewash of how useful blogging and social media is for business – duh! – Cherie and Carla shared specific tips and tools you can use to have a blog that serves your business goals, gets found by search engines and is consistent in it’s message.

And they interviewed us, too.  Check it out on YouTube….geez, I gotta smile more.  I look far more serious than the playful thoughts I was having about teasing Beth while she was speaking.  Next time!

Then Beth and I took the stage and had participants actually get started on writing for their blogs — whether they had one or not!  We introduced a fun and playful exercise where everybody practiced creating their own “sexy, juicy, catchy” headlines.  Headlines that get found and get read.  That produced lots of energy, ideas and inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, Beth did her usual magic and gave attendees a tool that can expand one blog post into 10…or more! That one generated a lot of buzz and everyone got excited about what they could blog about.  Now THAT’s what we want to see!

When it comes to showing up, we’re there!  Making sure people get a useful balance of information and practical get-it-done learning.  Do you have a group that wants to know more about how to blog efficiently and effectively for their business?  Contact us to see how we can inspire your peeps.

And a special shout out to Phyllis Garland for inviting us to speak to her increasingly popular Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area.  Find ‘em on Facebook and MeetUp.


2 Comments on Blogging, Branding and Building Your Business

  1. Lynette Hoy on Tue, 10th Aug 2010 11:50 am
  2. I am so impressed. What an incredible idea, this club, in an age when to be competitive we need to be out there. I have a website I am in the process of completing, and the blog part is a must have. As my business is public relations, boy is this important! So, I am working away, keeping it simple. I believe I am going to write about my experiences in PR, as many of them are also funny and I think humor helps to bring people back, right? Not to mention it is a great way to promote myself on what I am capable of. Hmm…cannot wait until the Blog Breakfast on the 12th to learn more about Facebook too! And thanks to Karin Ireland for telling me all about it. My ultimate dream is to write a book, and I WILL do it. At some point (smile).

  3. Cheryl on Thu, 12th Aug 2010 5:00 pm
  4. Thanks, Lynette. You sound like you’re on fire! Keep us posted on your website and blog. Thanks for attending the Facebook event today. I’m thinking of putting together a half day, hands-on workshop to help people with FB Pages actually implement specific actions that go with appropriate FB marketing goals – build an audience, implement a promotion, separate friends form business connections on your Profile….stuff like that. Would you be up for that?